67310753_xlSome of our favorite things: Tea, books, cats, writing, and of course, butterflies!

Started a new page called: “Butterfly Dreams: Inspiration” on this website. Check it out! The blog will include devotions, short stories, and scriptures. 

Coming soon: I will be having contests in the near future for autographed books and other fun stuff. Names will be drawn from those who have visited and “Liked” my website/blog! The first contest will be held when I reach 25 subscribers to this website! 


I have a new “Blog” page set up that is strictly devotionals! Starting June 6, 2018 I will have a new series called ’50 Days of Promises’. If it is successful (in that a lot of people like it) I will continue after the 50 days and either add to the series or create a new one! Click on the ‘Blog’ tab above to get to that page!

Also new, as of June 13, 2018, I started another page called the ‘Artsy Butterfly’. It is a page about creating inspirational journals and journaling. I’ve  gotten into journaling/planners in a huge way I thought what an awesome idea it would be to have a page that also teaches the ins and outs of journaling/planning along with a few devotions. I will be reaching back into my brain to pull out some of the stuff I learned in art school and teaching some basic techniques of design and color as I use the pages to illustrate my texts. See you there!

Say “Hi” to Kardee!

She’s our official mascot! 


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