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Book cover for Miss Waverly's Ghost

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“Miss Waverly’s Ghost” 

What happens when a modern day author decides to write a blog about the Civil War and moves into an old, run-down antebellum mansion to get inspiration for her writing? Let’s just say she learned more than she bargained for from the unlikeliest sources. A story of romance and intrigue, with a little Civil War history thrown in for good measure. 


13532995_10207703801331197_1436292477948659838_n Billie: A Story of Dedication and Hope is FREE from Mar. 12-16 on Amazon. Type in Stalnaker or the title in the search bar and it will bring it up. This is for the e-book Kindle version os the book.


This is my first ever novel I wrote, but has been redone last year with a few updates and changes, including a new name and cover. It is available on Amazon for .99. It is the first book in the Women of God series

My current project: 

Hannah and the Amish Teacher

When the recently widowed Samuel Troyer and his precocious six-year-old daughter Hannah moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to begin a new life, little did he know how much his life was going to change. Meeting Abigail King, his daughter’s beautiful young Amish teacher, was about to turn his world upside down . . .

His plan was to stay in Pennsylvania long enough to learn the lumber mill business from his uncle, his only living relatives, and then move back to Indiana to start his own mill and be reunited with Hannah’s maternal grandparents, but God had other plans for him. He hadn’t counted on Hannah becoming so close to her new teacher.

Through a series of strange and awkward beginnings when they first met, Samuel began feeling drawn to the hapless teacher, but even though he liked her as a friend, the love they would need to cement their relationship just wasn’t there, that is, until disaster came upon them in the form of a devastating tornado. Through the selfless act of Abigail risking her own life to save his daughter, Samuel realized the depth of her love towards his daughter, but would it be enough to open his eyes to his real feelings for her?



Sneak preview:

Of an upcoming book I’m planning on writing and Kara is going to create yarn kittens to be given away as part of the book deal. The kittens she makes are going to be used in the illustrations in the book. All of the short stories in the book are based loosely on classical books. This is going to be fun!
Cat Tales


My paperback book of “Miriam is now available on Amazon: 



Sometimes even those that are the most lost can be found again…Nineteen-year-old Miriam Beiler grew up in an Amish family. She never felt accepted by her…