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Coming Soon: My first cozy mystery!

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My latest book is Miss Waverly’s Ghost. You can buy it on It is available on Kindle and in paperback. Type in my name in the search bar to find it. 

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My latest Christmas novella. A new Women of God – Lancaster County


Hannah and the Amish Teacher

Now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle App. 

Type in my name in the search bar on to download the book. It is currently $4.99.


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Deanna (D.L.) Stalnaker is the author of all the following books on this page. She has been writing since 2012 following her retirement from over 25 years of being a registered nurse. Her writing reflects her love of God and family and although her stories are primarily drama, there is a little romance thrown in all from a Christian worldview. Most of her books contains some kind of medical issues (it’s hard to take the nurse out of someone after so many years). Her children’s books are all about cats, but with living with them most her life (she currently has 18 running around) it’s easy to see where she gets her inspiration. Her newest love is butterflies, so it has become her theme in all her blog pages on this website. They represent innocence, beauty, change, and rebirth and are a fitting symbol for her devotionals.

Women of God Series: (My first 6 books)



Women of God – Lancaster County Series:


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Children’s Books:

51+sEUTpvmL51TWrNuV0NLCathy and Catina

Devotional/Cookbook and a lot about tea:


Coming Soon (Works in Progress): 


Masterpiece Cat Tales revised




With the exception of my works in progress all other books are available on Amazon in the Kindle format, The books that are available in paperback on Amazon (and some on Barnes and Noble are: Eliza: A Story of Overcoming Limitations, Samantha: A Not so Plain and Simple Life, Miriam: Diary of a Lost Woman, Roses for Emma, Catnip T and Herb, Trading Places and Jesus, Me, and Afternoon Tea.
I plan to eventually get all the books available in paperback.
Any books in paperback can also be ordered from me directly if you’re interested in getting an autographed copy. Just send me an email through the contact form to make arrangements for the sale.